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Our New Normal!!!

This time last year I was getting ready for Crufts continuing with classes and one to ones, then within a matter of weeks we were told we had to stop. We all kept saying it won't be long and a year down the line we're still here so what's been happening.

When the first lockdown hit, we moved some of our classes online to get them finished and then decided to just wait and see how things panned out. At the end of April 2020, we began a new round of online classes as we all started to get used to what was called “the new normal” and to be honest none of us found it very normal. It was at this point that online classes were new for everybody. For me as a business owner, for our clients old and new but we made it work, we got used to using zoom, we got used to using OneDrive and Google documents it was slowly becoming our new normal. The summer came and we were given a little bit more freedom. We weren't able to start in person classes again as we could only do them outside and it was too warm, so we stayed online. I started to evaluate what do we do next as a business.

Thinking about our classes and how we'd managed to continue to teach our classes online with great success and then I started thinking, Why? Were the owners doing more because they had more time? Did the dog learn quicker at home? Was it because the clients enjoyed the social aspect? Were classes better now that there was no rushing after work to get to a class? And lastly clients could re watch the class whenever they wanted a reminder. After sitting and thinking about this for a while it did seem to be all these things. The dogs were learning quicker, the owners did have more time and they could re watch all of our classes. It was at this point that I decided that all our classes we're going to go online, as our “new normal”. I started looking at several different options to make sure that we could provide the best platform for clients to use and as dog trainer and not a techie person this was quite challenging. It took me a few months to get my head around the new platform, the design and how it would all work, but we've got there! Now, I want to shout about it because I'm so excited about our knew set up! I am proud to announce that Positive Paws Training will not be going back to full in person classes. I have always said that we should be setting our clients and dogs up for success and after being forced online a year ago, I have seen a massive change in results. And the best way to set our clients and dogs up for success is to be online!

So, what are the benefits to been online for our clients and their dogs?

  • Less distractions for your dog so they can learn quicker.

  • Weekly live class recorded so can be re watched.

  • Midweek drop-in question answer session.

  • Weekly PDF worksheets.

  • Access to our Body Language course worth £25.00

  • No waiting for your puppy to have all their injections.

  • No rushing to class after work.

  • Private Facebook Group for Clients only to ask questions and post videos.

  • Socialisation is covered in class with fun games.

Our Beginner’s Life Skill Class goes live for the first class on the 6th March 2021 at 11am and I am so excited!! The introductory price is only £80.00 for the 6 week Beginner’s Life Skills Course and access to our Body Language Course which is normally £25.00, This offer will finish at the end April and gives you a huge saving of £40.00! If you would like more information or would like to book your place CLICK HERE

We look forward to seeing you very soon and welcome you into our “new normal”.

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